Swanbourne Village Trust

The Swanbourne Village Trust has been formed by a group of innovative investors who identify and initiate small scale residential developments. Consistent with our vision and values, innovative design and sustainable systems characterise our development approach.

We have identified a need for high quality grouped residential homes for those who want to live in a more sustainable way; those who recognise communal aspects in design and energy efficient building practices are the way of the future.

Garry Baverstock
Senior Architect



"My life goal has been to create a sustainable Perth. I share Professor Peter Newman's vision for our city. We all benefit when we reduce our carbon footprint. SVT will demonstrate how residential developments can contribute to more sustainable alternatives." 

Interests: Scientific innovation, research and development, physical training & boxing. Songwriting & performing. Swanbourne resident. Order of Australia for services to architecture and the environment. Fairbridge Farm Inc. supporter. Innovate Australia Inc founder.



James Shaw
Senior Architect



"We can reduce our ecological footprint. SVT will show how Perth can increase density, and become a sustainable city while maintaining a very high quality built environment."

Interests: Contemporary architecture, sustainability, rock music, tennis, beach snorkelling & swimming, bushwalking & hiking; Swanbourne resident; Member of the ‘Friends of Allen Park’ bushland group



Garry Baverstock

Senior Architect

Advisory Councillor


Angelo Scatena

Advisory Councillor


Katherine Kalaf

Advisory Councillor

Design Consultant


Julia Hayes

Advisory Councillor

Tony Morgan

Planning Advisor

Josh Byrne

Landscape Architecture, Environmental Engineering Advisor

Prof. Peter Newman

Sustainable Cities Advisor

Professor of Sustainability Curtin University 

Taylor Smart




NKH Knight