Town of Cottesloe Needs to Hear This

Support your wish for smaller, high quality, eco community style housing and apartment choices  for all age groups in Cottesloe specifically around transport oriented (train/bus/cycling/walking) development.

The Town of Cottesloe will vote on Tuesday 20th September 2016 Special Meeting 6pm regarding your support for rezoning this corner of Congdon/Railway Streets for a small residential unit eco village, mixed use, mixed ages.

Yes, there are some loud voices marshalling opinion against it, bullying and intimidating people. We went to Council 23rd August and a Councillor (Boulter) attempted to put an illegal motion to rescind the earlier Town of Cottesloe permission.

The following day the recision motion was declared illegal and the whole debilitating experience will be re-run on the 20th September.

People are allowed to stand up at Council meetings and give their opinions as if they are true facts, without any regard to evidence. Nobody corrects them or asks for proof of their accusations. In Cottesloe's case the negative case presenters have become loud, aggressive and intimidating to those speaking for our project.

On Tuesday there may be more of the same unacceptable behaviour.

Please come along to balance the room with your positive energy. Even at this late stage you can email Councillors of the Town of Cottesloe ( write to all ) and let them know your wishes regarding alternative sizes of residences, houses and apartments especially the need for stylish, creative ways to house the future growing population of Perth.

Let's put a stop to the people preventing progress in Cottesloe. The "not in my backyard" cry is from a small, non-representative group. The voice of the silent majority of reasonable, progressive people needs to be heard and recognised.



Town of Cottesloe

Council Meeting

Tuesday 20th September at 6pm (please arrive early)


109 Broome Street, Cottesloe WA 6011

P: 9285 5000



If you wish to give a 3 minute verbal presentation please sign up at the door to speak on our Swanbourne Village Trust item: