Community Interest

Outside Swanbourne Post Office Saturday 2nd July 2016


We brought layouts, plans, photographs and information to the table outside The Swanbourne Post Office on Saturday 2nd July.  

Residents and shoppers stopped by to look at the layouts, various design aspects and learn about our vision for the Swanbourne Village Trust development. Being election day, everyone who had already voted was heading for their coffee at either The Daily, The BookCaffe or The Other Side.

There was a congenial community atmosphere and much genuine interest.  We wanted local residents to have this opportunity to meet some of the people involved in the Swanbourne Village Trust development and be able to put faces to the names.


Click here to express your interest for a new townhouse or apartment in Swanbourne Village through our Contact Page.


Julia Hayes, investor with SVT and owner of Swanbourne Business Centre


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