Cottesloe Council Reviews the Amended Plans


Council Meeting 27 February 2018  OFFICE RECOMMENDATION:  See Agenda   Refer Page 27

A revised Local Development Plan has been submitted to the Town of Cottesloe and is available for inspection on the Town’s website.

In essence, the officer recommendation was to submit the modified plan to an experienced, qualified Strategic Planning Consultant to:

Review the modified Local Development Plan

Submit comments and recommendations to T o C Design Advisory Panel  (Cr. Boulter, Cr. Pyvis, Dick Donaldson, Craig Shephard, Deon White, Simon Rodrigues, Lawrence Scanlan, Trevor Saleeba)

Re-advertise the Local Development Plan

Submit a detailed report to Council

Although the meaning of the word ‘independent’ was not clarified, the Officer Recommendation was passed with the insertion of the word ‘independent’ before ‘Strategic Planning Consultant’.

FOR: Unanimous