Q. Is the development going to be high?

A. The building averages 2 storeys above ground, over most of the site, increasing to 3 storeys at Railway St. 

    A basement will house parking and amenities.

Q. How many apartments?

A. 5 grouped modules without party walls will house 4 x 3 beds, 3 x 2 beds and 6 x 1 bedroom studio. 

Q. How much commercial is there?

A. There is one office space on the corner, that visually matches the opposite Cottesloe Chambers. 

Q. What is the cost to buy?

A. Prices have not been finalised yet, however you can register your interest and we will make sure you are notified during the            first release to buyers. 

Q. Is there a risk that this type of development will spread into Cottesloe?

A. Future planning will be determined by the Town of Cottesloe's Town Planning Scheme and State Government urban planning    objectives. 

Q. Does it comply with local and state planning guidelines at railway stations?

A. It is a State Government requirement for Councils to create higher density particularly at transport and retail hubs such as the Swanbourne railway precinct.

Q. Does it suit the adjacent residential area?

A. Both the south and west adjoining boundaries comply with the R-codes regarding heights and set backs.  

Q. Are there any overshadowing issues with neighbours?

A. Overshadowing has been carefully considered in respect of neighbouring properties. 

Q. Why are we increasing density around railway stations?

A. Increasingly people of all ages want to be able to enjoy a 'walk to amenities' lifestyle. Group housing near railway stations and shopping reduces the need for car use. As developers we respect Climate Change issues. Areas of Melbourne and Sydney are leading the way in railway node development. We hope we are contributing to Swanbourne with our energy efficient development.

Q. Is this only for retired people?

A. We have developed a choice of residence sizes and layouts to suit a range of ages and circumstance. It will suit those who respect the environment and appreciate living with a smaller carbon footprint without sacrificing comfort. Low cost energy efficient operation, water harvesting and solar passive design are integral to the design brief. Read more about our commitment to Sustainability.

Q. What do the experts think?

Prof Peter Newman, respected urban planner and academic has been consulted regarding the footprint of the project.

Favourable responses have been gained amongst the planning profession, including the Town of Claremont, which controls the  the Swanbourne Retail Precinct on the opposite side of the railway.

Q. Where is the car parking and the build up of cars?

A. 23 car bays and 2 electric power chargers for electric cars are housed in a basement carpark.

In addition extra angled bays are proposed for visitors.

Q. Why have a basement meeting area. Will it be noisy?

A. It has been added as part of the amenity for the residents who may want to use it for yoga, private meetings, exercise etc.  

Being housed in the lower basement parking area, noise is unlikely.

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